Call for Papers/Presentations

New Deadline: 17 January 2022 

NOTE: The CFP submission site is expected to be updated by 28 December 2021. You may still enter new submissions but the new dates have not yet been transferred.

ASTIN Section members (Non-Life insurance), AFIR-ERM Section members (Financial Risks and ERM), the international actuarial community and other academics, experts and professionals who are interested in the fields of actuarial studies in Non-Life insurance, reinsurance, enterprise risk management and financial risks are encouraged to submit a paper or presentation to the 2022 Actuarial Colloquia  using the form below.

Best Paper Prize

This year both the ASTIN and AFIR/ERM Sections will award a Best Paper prize. For your work to be eligible, your paper needs to be submitted by May 18th – this is to allow time for review and voting by the appropriate Scientific Committees. Only papers and not presentations are eligible for the award. If you have already submitted your paper and do not wish to make changes you do not need to submit again.

TIMETABLE (Dates subject to change)
15 June 2021 Call for Papers/Presenters
1 November 2021 Selection of Colloquia Featured Speakers
17 January 2022  Applications for Papers/Presentations Submitted
24 January 2022  Presenters/Paper Topics Selected
10 March 2022  Presentations Submitted for Initial Review
24 March 2022  Presentations Initial Review Complete
18 May 2022  Paper Submission Deadline (to be considered for Best Paper Prize)
7 June 2022  Final Presentation Submission Deadline
18 June 2022 Presentations Posted​