Call for Papers/Presentations

Call for Papers for the 2021 Actuarial Colloquia is Now Open.

The final determination of the delivery method for the Colloquia will be announced later this year. Whether the Colloquia is presented as fully in-person, fully virtual or a hybrid event (with both in-person and virtual components) in May 2021 or some later date, the 2021 Actuarial Colloquia WILL take place. The event will not be cancelled so please submit your response to the call and plan to attend either virtually or in person.

13 August 2020 Call for Papers/Presentations
11 November 2020 Applications for Papers/Presentations Submitted
20 November 2020 Selection of Colloquia Featured Speakers
14 December 2020 Applications Reviewed/Accepted
19 March 2021 Presentations/Papers Submitted
12 April 2021 Presentations/Papers Reviewed
25 May 2021 Section Board Dinner
26 May 2021 Colloquia Opening Day
27 May 2021 Networking Event
28 May 2021 Colloquia Closing Day & Gala Dinner