Joint AFIR-ERM & ASTIN Sections of IAA
May 25-28, 2021
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Orlando, Florida, U.S.

“On behalf of the Casualty Actuarial Society, I invite you to participate at the 2021 Actuarial Colloquia, 25-28 May, at the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando. At this colloquia, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other through educational sessions on the latest in actuarial research, networking opportunities, and other activities on the topics of great interest to the global general insurance, ERM, and financial risk actuarial communities. Please plan to join us.”

Steve Armstrong, President, Casualty Actuarial Society


Welcome to the Actuarial Colloquia 2021!

The actuarial field related to non-life insurance and the financial industry continues to evolve, making it vital for professionals from around the world to share ideas that lead to innovations and improvements. In the spirit of pushing ideas forward, we present the 2021 Actuarial Colloquia, which comprises the AFIR-ERM (Finance, Investment & Enterprise Risk Management) and ASTIN (Non-Life Insurance) Sections of the International Actuarial Association (IAA). The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) is delighted to host the 2021 Actuarial Colloquia in Orlando, Florida, USA. These colloquia will bring together the best actuarial researchers and practitioners, along with their papers exhibiting the latest actuarial and scientific techniques.

The final determination of the delivery method for the Colloquia will be announced later this year. Whether the Colloquia is presented as fully in-person, fully virtual or a hybrid event (with both in-person and virtual components), the 2021 Actuarial Colloquia WILL be held over the dates as scheduled. The event will not be cancelled so please save the date and plan to attend.


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